Hi. My name is Justin Soileau.

I write and perform stuff for videos and live comedy. I also act sometimes. I used to make music.

I perform stand up, improv, and sketch comedy live at comedy theaters around Austin. I graduated from ColdTowne's improv conservatory in 2014. I was a writer/actor/editor for their YouTube channel, ColdTowneTV. I took an improv class from Upright Citizens Brigade in LA in 2015.

I've said one word (three times) to Gary Busey in an episode of "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series." (Here's my IMDB page)

I've edited videos for Ralph Smyth Entertainment. I'm an assistant editor on their upcoming basketball documentary, "Jump Shot."

My email address is justin@justinsoileau.com.

I like being creative in order to stave off the death-thoughts

I will die one day.  Therefore I must create comedy videos, do stand-up comedy, do improv comedy, sketch comedy, and do acting. If I stay non-creative for too long, death will notice me and he will invite me to his home which contains nothingness.

Jon Bolden took this photo.


I do sketch comedy videos.


Sometimes I act in things.


I used to do music. Maybe I'll do it again some day.