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ColdTowne ThrowDowne

Hi butts, The improv troupe to which I belong, Everything All the Time, has won the ColdTowne ThrowDowne for the past 5 weeks. The ThrowDowne is an improv show where three improv troupes compete against each other and the audience decides who wins. Come vote for the best troupe tomorrow night at ColdTowne Theater at 10pm. It’s probably $5. TICKETS: Bye butts, Justin Soileau

Pendulum Has A Sketch Show This Thursday (3/10)

Hey weenies, According to copy from ColdTowne Theater’s website, Pendulum is “One of Austin’s most daring and experimental sketch comedy shows.” And our shows are “…A new experience every month performed by an all-star cast of comedians determined to push the boundaries of real, honest, and dark comedy.” So come check out “Pendulum Presents: Recycled Air” on Thursday at 10pm at ColdTowne Theater. BUY TICKETS…

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“Pendulum Presents: Estate Sale” at ColdTowne Theater

Hey Wieners, Tonight, the sketch group to which I belong, Pendulum, is performing a sketch show that we wrote. It’s called “Pendulum Presents: Estate Sale.” It’s at 10pm. It’s probably, like, 6 or 7 bucks. We do a (semi-)monthly show at ColdTowne Theater in Austin.  I wrote a sketch for the show that may not work. Come tonight to see if the group kicks me out for…

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