I'm a video editor/assistant editor. My most recent staff position was at Brainasium, where I produced and edited industrial and web videos. In my spare time, I have done assistant editing work on a feature documentary, edited for multiple web series, and created/edited dozens of comedy videos.

For Brainasium, I shot and edited commercial projects that have aired in the Austin area and across Texas and Louisiana. I also regularly produced/edited web content for our clients' social platforms and websites.

I am an assistant editor on Ralph Smyth Entertainment's upcoming sports documentary, "Jump Shot." I am an additional editor on Elks Entertainment's web series, "Segs." I have created and/or edited dozens of comedy videos for various channels on YouTube/Facebook including the channels, HUMORdy, ColdTowneTV, and my own channel, Justin Soileau.

Some of My Work

Asbestos Health Line - "Dr. John" Campaign

I edited these Asbestos Health Line commercials that run across Texas and Louisiana at Brainasium in Austin, TX.

GoDental Web Videos

I shot and edited a series of web videos for GoDental.

All the Alarms My Roommate David Has Slept Through

Here's a sketch video I made by myself.

Need Post-Production Help?

I can do it! While I prefer working with Adobe CC products, I have experience with most popular editing software!